Mango Smoothie Espresso

The Mango Smoothie Espresso is so smooth, rich and creamy. No need to add any sugar. Be careful of the 28g sugar content just from mango. Ingredients are simple. Just mango, milk and espresso. A good idea to treat your friend. Surprise her/him with the mango smoothie Espresso. 

Add some espresso in a mango smoothie. Creamy sweet.


  • A Nespresso Pod
  • Milk 100 ml
  • Fresh Mango 200g


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods

Step 1: 

Make some mango smoothie. Add 150g mango with milk and blend them. Add some ice. 

Step 2: 

Brew one shot of espresso into the mango smoothie. 

Step 3: 

Top it with some whipped cream and a slice of mango.


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods

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