Cuban Coffee with Rum

Rum originates from Caribbean. Rum is made from sugarcanes juice by fermenting and distilling. Where people grow sugarcanes, they produce rum. Rum has a sweet aroma  but doesn't taste sweet so I top the cuban coffee with some whipped cream.

There are two types of rums, dark rum and white rum. Dark rum is usually for drinking straight with 40% alcohol.


15ml Rum
50ml Whipping Cream
Any Nespresso pod


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods

Step 1:

Whip the cream

Step 2: 

Add 15ml dark rum into the espresso 

Step 3: 

Top the coffee with some whipped cream

Nutrition Fact of 100ml Caribbean Coffee:

Even we add some whipped cream but still not sweet. Coffee blended well with the sweet aroma from rum. You can't tell you are drinking coffee or having a cocktail. I prefer to have the whipped cream with natural sweetness because the a bit of sweetness fits the rum.

Rum is a strong spirit so make sure you don't drive or have to work after having this coffee.


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods

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