Coffee Pod Recycling Tool CafeMasy

CafeMasy is a useful tool which allows you to open, clear and recycle used Nespresso Pods.  It's light, well-designed and easy to use. Simply three steps. You can clear the coffee grounds in the used pods and then put the pods into the Nespresso Recycle Bag, when the bag is full. Mail them or drop them without worrying the mildew growing in the pods. Also you save some energy and protect the health of workers in recycle facilities for not mailing the mildew coffee grounds. 

Combine Nespresso recycle bag and Cafemasy. Clear the coffee grounds from the pods before you send the used coffee pods to Nespresso

CafeMasy is a versatile tool. It works with many brands of capsules. Not just Nespresso. Also Lavazza, Starbucks and cafepod. Unlike PodCut, designed to fit Nespresso, when a pod is slightly different on the diameter, PodCut won't work and can be broken by the pods.  

CafeMasy, 12.99 USD on Amazon. 

Two pieces in the box. Sturdy plastic.

Technically, there are three pieces. 

I am so excited to give it a try. I placed a used Nespresso original pod on it. Fit exactly.

Just press down to the top. 

A pod turned inside out and most of the coffee grounds are out. 

Give the pod a quick rinse to reduce the contamination of recycled end products. 

Wait until you have a lot to fit in a Nespresso Recycle Bag. A single bag can fit more than 300 pods without worrying the mildew growing in the pods. 


When you handle the smashed pods, don't forget wearing gloves for the broken foil can cut you. 

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