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Rum originates from Caribbean. Rum is made from sugarcanes juice by fermenting and distilling. Where people grow sugarcanes, they produce rum. Rum has a sweet aroma  but doesn't taste sweet so I top the cuban coffee with some whipped cream.

There are two types of rums, dark rum and white rum. Dark rum is usually for drinking straight with 40% alcohol.


Disaronno Originale is just Amaretto, a liqueur from Italy. It tastes like almond but it doesn't made of almond. The producers says they mix apricot kernel, burnt sugar and essences of seven herbs to make this almond flavor.

Nespresso with disaronno velvet. In winter, have a creamy cocktail coffee.

Before 2001, Disaronno had an old name called "Amaretto di Soronno." Disaronno Originale is a new name just for marketing.

Amaretto is found in Irish Coffee and Tiramisu. Italians add Amaretto in coke, ginger ale or even juice. Or drink it on the rocks.

Disaronno Originale contains 28% alchohol. In my version, I used Disaronno Velvet (17%). It is less strong and has some cream.


CafeMasy is a useful tool which allows you to open, clear and recycle used Nespresso Pods.  It's light, well-designed and easy to use. Simply three steps. You can clear the coffee grounds in the used pods and then put the pods into the Nespresso Recycle Bag, when the bag is full. Mail them or drop them without worrying the mildew growing in the pods. Also you save some energy and protect the health of workers in recycle facilities for not mailing the mildew coffee grounds. 

Combine Nespresso recycle bag and Cafemasy. Clear the coffee grounds from the pods before you send the used coffee pods to Nespresso

CafeMasy is a versatile tool. It works with many brands of capsules. Not just Nespresso. Also Lavazza, Starbucks and cafepod. Unlike PodCut, designed to fit Nespresso, when a pod is slightly different on the diameter, PodCut won't work and can be broken by the pods.  

CafeMasy, 12.99 USD on Amazon. 

Two pieces in the box. Sturdy plastic.

Technically, there are three pieces. 

I am so excited to give it a try. I placed a used Nespresso original pod on it. Fit exactly.

Just press down to the top. 

A pod turned inside out and most of the coffee grounds are out. 

Give the pod a quick rinse to reduce the contamination of recycled end products. 

Wait until you have a lot to fit in a Nespresso Recycle Bag. A single bag can fit more than 300 pods without worrying the mildew growing in the pods. 


When you handle the smashed pods, don't forget wearing gloves for the broken foil can cut you. 


This sweet potato iced Latte contains 168 calories. Sweet potato is rich in fiber and naturally sweet. Sugar free and creamy. It's still a health drink. Allow your tongue free from man-made sugar for a while but still feel some sweetness. 

Sweet potato latte made with steamed sweet potato, milk and espresso


  • Milk 100 ml
  • Sweet Potato 100g 
  • Whipping Cream 20g


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods


1.   peel the sweet potato and steam until it gets soft.

Steam sweet potato

2. Slice the cooked sweet potato, add 50g yam, 100 ml milk one shot of espresso and 20g cream into the blender, blend them together. Add ice cube and top with some slice sweet potato. 


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods


The Mango Smoothie Espresso is so smooth, rich and creamy. No need to add any sugar. Be careful of the 28g sugar content just from mango. Ingredients are simple. Just mango, milk and espresso. A good idea to treat your friend. Surprise her/him with the mango smoothie Espresso. 

Add some espresso in a mango smoothie. Creamy sweet.


  • A Nespresso Pod
  • Milk 100 ml
  • Fresh Mango 200g


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods

Step 1: 

Make some mango smoothie. Add 150g mango with milk and blend them. Add some ice. 

Step 2: 

Brew one shot of espresso into the mango smoothie. 

Step 3: 

Top it with some whipped cream and a slice of mango.


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods


Tomato coffee goes really beyond your imagination. This low-calorie iced coffee is free of guilt. First we freeze a fresh tomato and immerse it into a lightly sweetened iced coffee. The flesh of the tomato infuses with iced coffee.  It tastes sweet, sour and bitter. Just chills. 

Freeze a tomato and add some espresso. Chill you heart.


  • A fresh tomato
  • Some brown sugar
  • Nespresso coffee pod


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods


How to Make a Frozen Tomato :

To make a frozen tomato, first cut a cross at the bottom of tomato. And then leave the tomato in boiling water for 30 seconds. Then leave it in some ice to cool down. When the tomato gets cold, it's ready for peeling.  After peeling, wrap the tomato with plastic film and tuck it into freezer over night.

To remove the center of tomato, I used a bubble tea straw. Just stick it into the core of tomato. Make some espresso, add brown sugar and iced cube. Sink the tomato into the iced coffee. 


What does it taste like? Sweet-sour, bitter and fun. 


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods


Yellow watermelon is my favorite. You can make an iced coffee with yellow watermelon. Whipped cream topping is optional. Watermelon juice sweetens the coffee. No sugar added. The sweetness of water melon combining with a single shot espresso simply tastes fresh. Having this watermelon iced coffee will quench your thirst in few seconds. 

Watermelon juice and iced coffee. Sweet and fresh.


  • Yellow Watermelon 200g 
  • Watermelon juice 100 ml (Squeezed from watermelon)
  • One Nespresso pod : Volluto


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods


Brew one pod of espresso and add into the watermelon juice, add some ice. 

Add some watermelon flesh. 

Top some whipped cream and a piece of watermelon. 


How to Recycle your Nespresso Pods



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